Road Travel Rebate Incentive Program (RoadTRIP) 2014

What is RoadTRIP?

  • RoadTRIP is a proposed three year pilot program designed to help increase both the number and frequency of cross border road trips by U.S. visitors as well as the value of goods they purchase during their stay in Canada.
  • RoadTRIP would provide U.S. visitors with a financial incentive in the form of a limited and specific rebate of the 5% GST paid on goods purchased in Canada which they are taking back to the United States at the end of their visit.
  • RoadTRIP would only be available through federally regulated duty free stores operating at land border crossings, thereby incenting U.S. visitors to travel to Canada by car through border communities in every province from New Brunswick to British Columbia.
  • RoadTRIP would be promoted and marketed to U.S. tourists by Canadian businesses as a reason to Take ‘5’ and consider a cross border road trip to Canada.
  • Among OECD countries with national or federal value-added sales taxes, Canada is virtually alone in not having some form of tourism refund incentive


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