As noted at the November and May Operator’s meetings, the FDFA and Match have developed a brand partnership pilot project for implementation this Summer/Fall 2013 with key supplier members.

What is the Program?: The goal of the program is to increase our consumer awareness program by leveraging two high profile brands with that of the duty free industry brand.

What are the brands?: The brands and companies that we are working with are:

PMA – Gibson’s

Pernod Ricard – Absolut

How will these brands be displayed within the time frame of the initiative?:

Both supplier members have identified various weeks throughout the Summer and Fall where their brands will be prominently featured on the front page of our national website (See calendar below). Their brands will not showcase pricing or promotions on our national site or social media platforms -  as pricing varies from store to store across the county.

What your store can do to leverage this program? – the FDFA recommendation:

Simply see below the calendar weeks when these brands are being promoted, and have your IT download the creative on your respective stores website during the same weekly periods. But, we recommend that you can place pricing and/or your respective promotions surrounding these brands. It will be intuitive to the consumer to go to the national site, and see the brand displayed, and once they transition to your site – they will then see the fantastic deal you may be offering or simply your standard pricing for the products.

*NOTE: some stores requested images for one bottle and two bottle promotions, so we have ensured to receive both sets of creative from our brand partners.

Facebook and Blogs: if your store has an active facebook and/or blog page, please consider using the included facebook and blog images that are being used on the National website and FB page. We also suggest you link the facebook image on your site to the National Facebook contest page.

The images are all high resolution

Do not hesitate to call the FDFA should you have any questions, concerns or comments.

To view the Brand Partnership Program handout - click here

PMA - Gibson's
Pernod - Absolute


Website Images:

2 Bottle Image for website homepage - click here to download

1 Bottle Image for website homepage - click here to download

Optional Images:

Facebook Image (to include an optional link on your store's FB page to the National Facebook Contest) - click here

Blog Image (for stores who have blogs) - click here

Blog Text (for stores who have blogs) - click here


Note - the Absolute images were sized as large and small website banners (A-B Channel) according to the specs for websites designed by Match Ignite. However, you can have them re-sized as necessary to fit your specific website banner layout.

Website Images:

Large one bottle image for website - click here to download

Large multiple bottle banner image - click here

Small 1 bottle image for website - click here

Optional Images:

There are no Facebook contests at this time for the Absolut campaign.

Blog Image (for stores who have blogs) - click here

Blog Text (for stores who have blogs) - click here

Note - the Absolut brand will also apply to the week prior to Black Friday in November.