The FDFA and the Retail Council of Canada (RCC) have developed a custom National Online Employee Certification Program for the Land Border Duty Free Industry. The first course is the introduction to the world of Duty Free shopping and is specific to the Canadian land border duty free industry - National Duty Free 101.  It is full of information that will help employees learn more about the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the duty free industry.  An educated employee translates into improved customer service and sales and strong employee retention.

September 29/2015 Webinar Recording with Audio (Webinar Recording - fast forward to the 4:00 min for the beginning of the presentation)

September 29/2015 Webinar (print version)

This webinar will walk you through the National Duty Free 101 course, i.e. questions, store specific test (optional), learning modules, recommended process for implementing the online Duty Free Employee Certification Program for your store.

RCC Presentation to Operators at FDFA Business & Professional Development Summit - June 2015: click here


Why an Employee Certification Program? training_image

Customer Service: Staff training is essential to your business. Trained employees will be better equipped to handle customer inquiries and have the potential increase sales and customer satisfaction

Recruitment: Training is a recruiting tool. Today's workers want more than a pay cheque. You are more likely to attract and keep good employees if you can offer development opportunities

Job Satisfaction: Training promotes job satisfaction-the more engaged and involved they are in working for your success, the better your rewards

Employee Retention: Training is a retention tool, instilling loyalty and commitment from good workers. Staff looking for the next challenge will be more likely to stay if you offer ways for them to learn and grow

Why is this Program Important?

  • The FDFA has invested in the creation of this program to assist store in the career development of their employees
  • To ensure that basic land border duty free knowledge is consistent across the country
  • To create a new custom training modules for the duty free land border employees - a library of training for stores to choose from based on your store's needs



Employee Learning Management System Portal (LMS)

If you would like to arrange for an employee to take the National Duty Free 101course, please review the process and steps below. 

Costs for FDFA Member Stores: $25 per employee

Process/ Steps to set-up an employee for the Online Training and testing:

  1. Store Manager contacts the FDFA and provides the name of the employee
  2. FDFA sets up the employee on RCC portal (Learning Management System – LMS)
  3. FDFA will send the store manager the username/password for the Employee to begin the training/study modules
  4. Employee reviews the study modules and activities – recommended 5 to 6 hours of review/study time
  5. Store manager alerts FDFA when the Employee has completed the study modules, the FDFA will activate the exam on the LMS portal
  6. The Employee then takes the online exam at their convenience - it is recommended that the employee not have the study materials with them during the exam
  7. Store manager can see full results upon request and also request to see how the Employee’s score measured against other duty free employees across the country
  8. Store manager can see what areas the Employee is challenged by and what areas on the test he/she excelled at
  9. Store manager can determine what extra training is required for the Employee


Duty Free Regional Store Specific Training Template - click here

This document is an optional template that each store may want to tailor based on a store’s location and unique retailing experience both for employees and customers. For example, a store can use the following template and add on questions, delete questions not applicable to their store or adjust questions as they see fit.


RCCRetail Council of Canada has two additional online courses for all Canadian Retail Employee. FDFA Members will receive a 25% discount off these courses - by using discount code 'FDFA25'.

If store chooses to have employee take Retail Sales Associate course – the $25.00 fee paid for the Duty Free 101 course will be waived or reimbursed

Retail Sales Associate (customer service/general retail)

What you’ll learn:

  • Professionalism
  • Customer Service and Sales Methods
  • Inventory Procedures
  • Store Appearance Techniques
  • Security and Safety Practices
  • Communication Skills

FDFA Member's cost for Retail Sales Associate: $225.00 (discount code FDFA25)

First Level Retail Manager:

What you’ll learn:

This program allows first level managers to build sound business skills to help them achieve their retail career goals. Through this course you will learn:

  • Professionalism
  • Communication Skills
  • Leadership Techniques
  • Human Resources
  • Operational Procedures
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Customer Service Methods
  • Sales Methods
  • Administrative Practices
  • Planning Strategies

• FDFA Member's cost for Certified First Level Manager Brochure:  $300.00 (discount code FDFA25)

To set-up an employee access for the National Online Training 101 or the Sales Associate or First Level Retail Manager course, please contact the FDFA.

Allison Gardner
Email: agardner@fdfa.ca
Phone: 613-688-9788