FDFA Business & Professional Development Summit 2014

FDFA Business & Professional Development Summit
Kelowna, BC – May 6th and May 7th, 2014

Please see below the following meeting and speaker presentations, that the FDFA recommends store operators utilize/view for reference, employee/management training and/or if you were unable to attend the live summit.

Draft Operator Meeting Minutes – May 6/7, 2014

FDFA Summit Speaker Series Reference Materials

Note – some of the files are very large and may take a few minutes to load

TUESDAY, MAY 6th, 2014

FDFA Association Update
Delivered by: Laurie Karson, FDFA Executive Director
PDF Presentation – click here
Minutes, FDFA Operators Meeting November 17, 2013 – click here

Government Relations Presentation
Delivered by : Peter Brain, Chair, Government Relations Committee
PDF Presentation – click here

CBSA Presentation
Delivered by: Anne Kline, Director General, CBSA Duty Free Shop Program
PDF Presentation – click here

SharePoint Presentation
Delivered by: Frank Byl, PowerConcepts
Presentation was presented via live SharePoint website, therefore no presentation is available

Facilitation – Liquor/Fragrance Supplier Issues
Delivered by: Abe Taqtaq, FDFA President
PDF Presentation – click here


WEDNESDAY, MAY 7th, 2014

Global Retail Trends
Delivered by: Joan Insel, Callison
PDF Presentation – click here

Category Management
Delivered by: Kevin Brocklebank, One Red Kite
PDF Presentation – click here

Credit Card Services
Delivered by: Sean Davis, Royal Bershifer Payment
Presentation – click here
For further information or if you have question, please contact Sean directly:

Sean Davis, National Sales Director
C: 416-505-5860
T: 1-866-686-4489 x102
E: seandavis@rbpayments.com
W: www.rbpayments.com

Tobacco Discussion
Delivered by: Ian Rismani and Juan Zamarano, RBH
PDF presentation – click here

If you have any issues viewing any of the above links, please contact Allison Boucher at 613-688-9788.