FDFA Allowance Video Series 2013 

YouTubeAllowanceVideoWe are pleased to be able to offer our members the opportunity to provide your customers with a variety of options to showcase the allowances in a visual manner. This is an exciting program and while there is a lot of information below, we have ensured to communicate the options/instructions in a simple manner. But, we are always happy to answer all questions – big or small.

FDFA Request to Stores: We ask that each store read the following instructions and if you are able to do so –  upload the following on your respective website ASAP – in order to meet our time-lines when we send out our North American Press Release (aimed at the week of June 24th, 2013) on this important initiative.

Objective and Concept of the FDFA Allowance Video Series for the FDFA Land Border Stores

The FDFA has created a series of videos explaining how the allowances work that is targeted to the customers in order to create further clarity/understanding of how allowances work. This concept is that customers are still confused about the allowances and the more that they understand the allowances – this will allow for additional traffic at your stores and increased overall sales.

What is the Series of Allowance Videos – and What does a Trailer Version Mean? 

Well, there have been 8 videos created (trailer versions i.e. mini commercials). The 8 videos represent the trailer versions which are similar to Public Service announcements or mini commercials. Some have been created in short versions, some extended versions, both in French and English – both for US and CDN customers.

Where Can you Find these “Trailer” Versions of the Allowances? – and How Can Your IT Person upload them on your Site?

We have officially created the Duty Free YouTube Channel. All of the allowance “trailer” videos are stored on this Channel.

  • The YouTube Channel is called –  FDFACanada
  • The web link for quick access to see the YouTube channel is: www.youtube.com/user/FDFACanada
  • Don’t hesitate to send out the YouTube channel name or link to your tourism or media partners
  • We recommend adding the YouTube icon to the top of your website (similar to the Facebook and Twitter icons) with a direct link to the FDFA YouTube Channel

On this YouTube channel – you will find all 8 versions of the Allowance Trailers. Your IT or Webmaster can easily take WHICHEVER video suits your store’s needs and upload the code to your site. For example, some stores may choose not to upload the French trailers  – well, you can choose – it’s your MENU.

What is the Interactive Allowance Videos – and What is a store to do with this?

  • The Interactive Allowance Video Version is meant to also be placed on your website. It is a different type of allowance video than the Trailer version (explained above)
  • It is similar to the trailer but it is customer interactive. This means that the customer has a choice of options on the computer (or a kiosk) when they open the link.
  • For example – the customer will get asked – i.e. are you Canadian or American? Are you travelling across the border for more than 24 hours?
  • The customers responses automatically populate the allowances that they are permitted – while also providing the consumer with important messaging such as the incredible savings Canadian Duty Free Stores offer, Yes, you can shop at Canadian Duty Free Stores before crossing to the U.S., etc.
  • The concept is that we are creating an interactive duty free allowance experience that is specific to the customer’s questions.
  • Please provide your IT representative with the Interactive Codes which are required to embed the interactive video on your website. You will note each store has a unique code – by implanting this specific coding, we will be able to track views, and where these views are coming from for each store website – providing us the ability in the future to use target marketing based on these results – Interactive Store Codes
  • Note – we recommend you use the National Duty Free website’s new allowance page as an example of how to showcase the new interactive allowance video and information on your store’s website –http://www.dutyfreecanada.com/customs-allowances/
  • If interested in finding out how to purchase a kiosk for your store – don’t hesitate to let the FDFA or Melissa Shenck at MS2 Productions know of your interest and we’ll be happy to respond back with greater information.

In-Store Media Systems & Kiosks Information – Click here

What if my store wants to play the Allowance Trailer on a TV or a DVD Player in my Store?

  • Allowance_Video_InteractiveCodeInsertion_2013 video display handout Allowance_DVDEach store will be receiving in a few days the DVD version of the allowance trailers – Canadian and American Short Version and the DVD has the Canadian/American Extended Version.
  • You simply place the DVD in your store’s TV or DVD Player – like a movie. This can play with sound or not with sound. It is your store’s preference


What is the FDFA doing to leverage this allowance initiative – in other words – how is the FDFA going to promote to customers that these videos exist?

  • We have created a national press release that will be going to all national Canadian and US media by June 25th, 2013.
  • Each store will be receiving by email the finalized press release so that you can optionally send out to your local media or local tourism partners
  • Yes, the press release will be in both French and English
  • Our national website – www.dutyfreecanada.com will be featuring the interactive allowance version, the YouTube channel and updated allowance text

Press Release:                                 

Allowance Text – The Written form of the Allowances – What you NEED to know and the FDFA Request!

Almost all of the stores who have a website have an allowance section on their websites. If you don’t – we request you have a tab and/or section created that is prominently featured on your store’s website.

In addition to the videos – you should have text or a written explanation of the allowances also available.

But, many of  our stores have different variations of how the allowances are explained in text format.

Please find below, the FDFA recommendation for how you should communicate the allowances:

Allowance text:

Additionally, if you would like to update your automated phone message recording to reflect the wording used in the allowance video, please see below the video transcripts in both French and English. Note, Windsor-Tunnel Duty Free is in the process of updating their phone message recording with the transcripts, should you want to hear an example.

Still having Technical Difficulties?

Call or Email Allison Boucher or Laurie Karson at the FDFA – aboucher@fdfa.caor lkarson@fdfa.ca and we will immediately have someone contact you with the right information.