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The FDFA is a national member of the Retail Council of Canada (RCC), and as such, they have key resources that the FDFA feels are of value to our duty free members.

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Retail Council of Canada Webinar Recordings:

Enabling Retail: Recruitment and Selection – September 17, 2015

Reports, studies and documents from the RCC

Retail Fast Facts provide monthly retail sales statistics.

Rainbow Foods: Natural Trailblazers – Spring 2010

Retail Conditions Report – May 2010 (members only)

Loss Prevention Newsletter — September/October 2009
Collaboration and sharing of information essential to prevent loss – The ways and the means for organizations to collaborate, not only with internal departments, but also with external organizations was a major thread running through many of the sessions presented at this year’s Retail Council of Canada’s Retail Loss Prevention Conference.

Loss Prevention Newsletter — May/June 2009
When times are tough – Amid headlines of rising unemployment and a crisis of confidence in the global financial system, Canadian retailers can’t be faulted for feeling a little uneasy about how the economic climate is affecting their bottom line. Those who want to stay in the game have reacted to the recession in numerous ways: a stronger focus on customer service, rooting out inefficiencies in the supply chain, and a greater emphasis on monitoring sales performance are just some of the tactics that retailers are adopting.

Loss Prevention Newsletter — January/February 2009
The year ahead – “Uncertainty” is not a word that LP professionals like to hear, especially when it comes to the safety and security of their organizations. But if the economic forecasts hold true, it’s a word retailers of all stripes will have to live with for the remainder of 2009, if not longer. But if there’s an upside to uncertain times, says RCC’s Theresa Rowsell, it’s that now is the perfect time for LP professionals to take a breath, step back from the fray, and lay the groundwork for a more efficient LP strategy within their organizations.

An Analysis of Emerging Human Resources Trends – November 2009
– This document provides industry wage & benefit benchmarks in retailing, turnover rates, training and education trends in retailing, perceptions of retail careers and more –EnglishFrench

The Independent RetailerClick Here To read the RCC newsletter – Fall 2009 edition

Credit and Debit Watch Dog – The Government has launched a consultation process on a code of conduct on consumer and merchant concerns regarding debit and credit cards in Canada. Read more on The Payments Accountability Council’s mandate, latest news and updates.

Retail Conditions Report – December 14th, 2009 – Click here to view the results of the RCC’s survey to 63 large and mid-size members on recent sales.