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2016 FDFA Convention – Customs & Shipping Information

As many of our Supplier members are aware, finding your shipped materials at the host hotel and arranging for them to be delivered to your suite or booth in a timely manner can be challenging. In an effort to streamline the process and ensure you find your shipment upon your arrival at the hotel, please review the following information and note the FDFA strongly recommends using either Robinson’s or Mendelssohn’s to manage your shipping and receiving for the Convention.

Hyatt Hotel Package Receiving Information:

Please refer to the Hyatt’ Package Receiving Information to ensure you are aware of the package handling rules, restrictions and charges that may apply if you choose to ship directly to the hotel using your own methods. The hotel WILL NOT accept deliveries for the FDFA Convention more than 3 days prior to your scheduled arrival.

Hyatt’s Exhibitor & Package Receiving Information

Customs & Shipping:

Mendelssohn Event Logistics has been appointed as the official customs broker for the FDFA Annual Convention & Trade Show. Mendelssohn Event Logistics will post the required bonds and securities with Canada Customs; clear your materials through Canadian Customs; prepare export documentation and bills of lading; and arrange customs clearance return for ground/air freight.

Mendelssohn Event Logistics Custom Forms

CBSA Event Recognition Letter

Official Show Services Contractor:

The FDFA has appointed Robinson’s to facilitate as the exclusive Show Services supplier, including shipping/receiving and material handling for this year’s trade show. If you require additional furniture, booth displays or advanced shipping/receiving, please download their ‘Exhibitors Package’ and contact them directly to prearrange the delivery.Robinson’s Exhibitors Information Package – note all additional material orders for exhibiting on the trade floor or in a suite should be faxed directly to Robinson’s as per the information included on the form.

Courier Services:

Shipllama offers FDFA members a 10% discount on their already low courier rates and is contributing 1% of all revenue toward the Missing Children Society of Canada.

Use Promo Code: FDFA

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If you have any questions on the above, please contact Allison Boucher at the FDFA –