Board Teleconference Monday, October 28, 2013 – 1:00pm EST

A – Standard Agenda Items

Financials 3rd Quarter 2013 – approvals required

Financials for Review/Reference

B – Special Reports – Discussion & Decision Required

National Marketing Program Update

  • Presentation by Match (presentation will be uploaded Monday)
  • Board In-Camera Session

Governement Relations

To Board of Directors: Please see the latest Canadian Cancer Society recommendation on duty free tobacco restrictions via the Federal government’s pre budget consultation.

FYI – Canadian Cancer Society seeking restrictions on duty free tobacco: Read Here

The FDFA GR Committee would like to discuss this recommendation during our October 28th teleconference. While we have in the past seen such recommendations by the Cancer Society, and in those cases those recommendations were denied, the FDFA is still taking this seriously as there could be a political agenda that we are unaware of at this time. Both Imperial Tobacco’s Corporate Affairs Department and political contacts in Ottawa have been contacted to assess the strength of this recommendation.

FDFA Business

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Allison Boucher
Convention Coordinator


Laurie Karson
Executive Director