Tuesday, January 19th, 2010 Meeting – 2:00pm EST

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Government Relations

  • VRP – Please find attached a very rough draft of the TIAC proposed presentation to re-instate the Visitor Rebate Program. At this time, they are asking key stakeholders to provide their feedback, in which the FDFA is involved. Peter Brain and Laurie Karson will review at the Board meeting the recommended amendments and comments that the FDFA Government Relations Committee has made to TIAC. It should be noted that TIAC representatives are planning on meeting with the Ontario and B.C. Finance Ministers next week. Both Ministers are willing to hear the position, and meet with Flaherty if they agree with the program outline. The objective is to have Minister Flaherty agree to the revised program, and include in the March Federal Budget. VRP Update VRP – TIAC Activities

C – Other Issues

FDFA Office Program

Semi-Annual Meeting

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