FDFA Supplier Member Benefits

Building a Foundation of Excellence in the Canadian Duty Free Industry

Today’s business and political environment is challenging, so the Frontier Duty Free Association is committed to representing our membership by maintaining high profile relationships and dialogue with government officials, developing national marketing programs, fostering relationships with strategic industry stakeholder partners, hosting the annual duty free convention and other social events that celebrate our unique industry, providing timely news and key industry statistics that is relevant, and continuously providing programs and services to increase our members professional expertise.The FDFA membership is the forefront of all FDFA decisions and goals. Our trade association represents 125 duty free owners/operators, supplier members and associate membership. At the FDFA, our goal is to connect and communicate our various member groups so that a true synergy continuously exists amongst our industry leaders.

Government Voice – The FDFA is located in Ottawa, ON, to closely monitor Federal Government activities that can impact the duty free industry. Through our government relations activities, the FDFA voices industry concerns and communicates our message through all levels of government. Due to our store’s close proximity to the border, our government relations activities can range from border related issues, tourism and small business.

Connecting our Suppliers – With almost 100 supplier companies that represent this important FDFA member segment, the FDFA works hard to ensure the supplier’s business needs and important connections within our industry are continuously met. Since our supplier members represent a variety of products sold every day at duty free stores, this member segment can rely on the FDFA to assist in their business development needs. We are proud to service our suppliers to facilitate information, provide them timely statistics and create business relationship opportunities. As we evolve as an industry association, it is a priority to understand our supplier issues and develop sound solutions that meets all of our member’s objectives.

Membership Access Counts – Through our Members Only Access via the FDFA website, our members have a central online portal to access at any time key Canadian duty free specific information ranging from our duty free membership contacts, key archived sales and traffic statistics, professional development speeches and resources, award winning duty free marketing and student scholarship archived submissions, full annual convention resource platform, and so much more.

The Communiqué – With the quarterly FDFA Communiqué, our members understand the timely issues and duty free news that is impacting our industry. This online newsletter provides a keen insight into our ownership, new member announcements and topical industry news that communicates its effect on our business community.

National Marketing – www.dutyfreecanada.com – Recently, the FDFA recognized the need to collectively combine our land border duty free stores to meet today’s fast growing world of technology. First, we identified that we needed to generate more awareness of who we are as an industry to the general public. Therefore, we created our collaborative brand and website. By doing so, we established a platform whereby the consumer can quickly know where are stores are located, developed a user friendly allowance calculator, developed communications that allows the consumer to understood that YES they could shop at Canadian duty free stores before crossing the border to the U.S., ensured that our website directed consumers to understand the savings that they can receive by shopping at our stores, and finally provide current and timely border information. By pursuing this goal, we have created a collaborative and successful web presence that achieves our goals and is continuing to grow leaps and bounds.

Our Convention and the Opportunities – The FDFA hosts the only Canadian duty free convention. The annual convention is the place to be amongst duty free members. We host a four day convention annually that promotes and fosters our supplier and operator’s business relationships. The show is the forum to create new business and see old friends. While considered a small industry trade show compared to other global duty free shows, it is an intimate convention that is always fun filled and business oriented. Our member sponsors are recognized for their dedication to the industry and showcased throughout the event with many more supplier opportunities in a given year.