How to Join the FDFA

If you are currently selling your products within the Canadian Land Border Duty Free channel, and are  handshakeinterested in becoming an official supplier member of the FDFA, you can contact the FDFA head office at 613-688-9788 for information, or complete the Supplier Membership Application form (below). The FDFA will then verify your application information and approval is pending based on FDFA Board of Directors review and consensus.

Apply online using the Supplier Member Application.

Download/print a Supplier Member Application Form (pdf)

Duty Free Trade Supplier Members:

The FDFA Supplier Members represent an integral part of the FDFA membership. Each supplier member of the Association are currently selling their product(s) within the Canadian duty free industry (via our land border duty free stores).

The Supplier membership as a whole is represented by the Supplier Advisory Committee. This FDFA recognized committee is comprised of one supplier member representing the main categories sold within the Canadian duty free industry; liquor/wine, confectionery, fragrance/cosmetics, beer, etc. The FDFA Board of Directors and the Supplier Committee work hand in hand on a variety of industry related issues and various committees to ensure excellence in customer service, and streamlined communications.